Crack in everything


Image by Louise (squeezenm[at]

DJ Ata, co-founder of Playhouse, Klang and Ongaku and all-round super old-timer, treated the Waterfloor at Watergate to a few hours of musical bliss last Saturday at the Perlon Party with Villalobos. Switching effortlessly between electro, house, old-skool, disco he showed us why it’s only the eclectic DJs that survive the fads. Thanking him and Zip, who also smashed that night in a very different stlye, for still playing songs with words and making stuff all the better for it!

Dug up a few tunes off a recent mix CD for Groove Ata put together:

Gary (Tiga’s Italia Mix) – Alter Ego

Fuerland – Justus Kohncke

Hold On – Holy Ghost!

On a different note Another Amit has put together a little dubstep minimix in anticipation of the arrival of Kode9 at The Last Days of Decadence on December the 13th:

Another Amit’s Winter Specials Dubstep Minimix

1. Massive Music – Find My Way (Kode9 Remix)
2. Martyn – Suburbia
3. Martyn – Vancouver
4. The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix)
5. Tes La Rok – Round The World Girls
6. 2652 – Kameleon
7. Scuba – Ruptured (Surgeon)


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