December Made To Play @ Panorama Bar/Berghain


Been a while since the actual party but gratitude has to be extended to Tristian Da Cunha, Cassy, Claude Von Stroke, Jesse Rose & all Made To Play lot, the cloudy apple juice people, Kevin Saunderson, the doorman/walrus-in-a-tuxeudo and anyone associated with running the best club in the world (no questions).

Thanks. We’ve been smiling all week.

Jaris Voorn’s remix of Sebo K’s “Far Out” was one of the highlights I believe. Get it on Beatport and all that, have a listen below.


One response to “December Made To Play @ Panorama Bar/Berghain

  1. That’s a nice picture of Berghain man. It brings back the anticipation and slight fear I remember feeling as we first entered.

    I’ve got a similar shot here –


    PS – There’s a duplicate of this comment somewhere. Whoops! Lol

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