R Kelly (Part II) & Badmanhood


Following on from the Bonnie Prince Billy cover of R Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest” I posted the other day, I’ve located another interpretation of the same song this time from Elephant Man.

Elephant Man – Badman A Badman

As the title of the track suggests the song is one in a line of many dancehall tracks that is predominantly a meditation on the notion of badmanhood and more particularly what a badman shouldn’t do (a badman commandment if you will). Our friends over at Heatwave have already covered the area thoroughly and very humorously so I’d be best just referring you over to them for this:

The Badman Commandments on the Heatwave Blog

I’ll leave you with my personal favorite badman commandment, an explanation of it and many other badman commandments can be found in the Heatwave blog entry above.

“Badman nuh fi pull chest of drawers”
Vybz Kartel – Mrs Jaw


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