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Dirty Work – The Cheatin’ Charts


Illustration by Leila

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1. Telephone Ting – Kiprich

2. If Lovin’ You Is Wrong (I Don’t Want To Be Right) – Bobby “Blue” Bland

3. Need You Tonight – Tanya Stephens

4. Dirty Work – Steely Dan

5. It’s A Pity – Tanya Stephens

6. Jolene – Dolly Parton

7. Chain Of Fools – Aretha Franklin

8. The Beautiful Ones – Prince

9. It’s A Shame – Alton Ellis

We really need a number 10. Suggestions appreciated. Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” has already been considered.


Aged & Mellow


Drawing by Rachel Poli (she’s on Facebook – befriend her)

So whilst preparing some other business for some other day, a couple of songs came up on my Itunes that I hadn’t heard for a while but forgot how brilliant they were, and I figured they’d be worth sharing in the typically illegal way of making them available to download. Of course if you like them, buy them.

Aged & Mellow Blues – Little Esther

Contains the lyrics:

“Junior might be young and stronger,
But I’ll take grandpa ‘cos he’s had it longer”

Fortune cookies anyone?!

Against The Sky – Vashti Bunyan

One of those female folk singers whose voice seems to be constantly trembling but never actually trembles. Certainly treads a fine line between sublime and grating – but I reckon sublimity wins out in the end. Vashti Bunyan’s work has resurfaced again, having lain neglected for quite a while, after her song “Another Diamond Day” appeared on what else but a mobile phone advert, T-Mobile to be precise.

The Dark End Of The Street – James Carr & Aretha Franklin

Did I say a couple? Sorry. Apparently written by Dan Penn and Chips Moman in under thirty minutes whilst on a break from cheating in a game of cards. Prior to writting this song Penn and Moman said they had wanted to come up, “the best cheatin’ song. Ever.” (Wiki article) Anyone got a better one? There have been so many covers of this track, but the original with Aretha Franklin on backing vocals is still the best.

Desire (Moodyman Remix) – Jose James

We had to have some house didn’t we? New on Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings label.

Desire – Carl Craig

From 1994. Carl Craig was even then, well, a lot better than everyone else.

Noel Mas & Murkules


Please check out our new mix for our favored Tuesday night haunt – Ping Pong Bar X-Berg or whatever it´s actually called.

It´s a mix of a lot of different stuff we wouldn’t otherwise get to play. We really like it.

The We Don’t Play Ping Pong Mix by Murkules and Noel Mas


You Have To Dance – Noze

Bulgarian Chicks – Balkan Beat Box

A Little Piece of Leather – Donnie Elbert

Will You, Willyum – Janis Martin

Ring My Bell – Blood Sisters

I Need You Tonight – Punkin’ Machine

Mona Lisa – Slick Rick

Peaches en Regalia – Frank Zappa

I Wish You Were Gone – Joakim

Spasticus Autisticus (Version) – Ian Drury & The Seven Sea Players

Yor Love Gotta Hold On Me – Dennis Brown

Is This The Future – Fatback

No G.D.M – Gina X Performance

Tell Me Now – Marcia Griffiths

Sing What You Want (Rusko’s Skwee Remix) – Kotchy



Birds by Leila (who now has a page with all her other lovely stuff on here)

I’ve always liked dubstep’s raw energy. I admire the modesty of its scene and also the willingness of many of its artist to adapt, take in other musical influences and innovate the genre so that it remains as captivating, alive and as fresh as ever. Having said that I’ve never been quite convinced that on it’s own it can quite supply sufficient variation to keep a crowd on it’s toes wanting more for a whole night. Perhaps that, and other drug related factors, is why the 4am crowd at FWD @ The End was always disappointingly sparse. Dubsteppers, for all their merits, have never been known for their staying power. Dubstep has rarely seemed able to usher in the morning in the same deviant but joyful fashion that quality techno and house sets can.

It seems, however, that one man in particular has ripped up the script on this front. Martyn, who hails from Holland, has been making inspring techno-infused dubstep for some time now. As a DJ he has been playing some the most electrifying cross genre mixes I’ve ever heard. Though a good crossover scene between techno and dubstep is now well established with labels like Skull Disco and Hessle Audio getting international recognition it seems, to me at least, that only Martyn has achieved a blend that really hold its own of the dancefloor. Martyn, as an artist who is only really on the periphery of the dubstep “scene”, seems able to disregard any fetishization of the “deep” that often mars dubstep sets and at all times keeps it funky, appealing to both and the head the hips. Soaring spine-tingling synths, infectious high-end rhythms, the occasional hypnotic acidized riff and some serious low-end bounce provide the core of the sound as Martyn effortlessly switches between four-to-the-flour fist shakers and steppy garage-stlye numbers.

He played for one and half hours at Sub:stance, Berghain last night and set the bar high for DJ sets in 2009 whilst re-affirming that dubstep is no fad. Cobblestone Jazz‘s modern classic “Dump Truck” got rubbed up against the ubiquitous, but still deeply likable “Township Funk“. His massive remix of TRG’s “Broken Heart” got an early outing in his set plus a whole host of other fantastic tracks from his forthcoming album entitled “Great Lengths”.

Martyn’s blog

Martyn’s Myspace

Martyn plays…

jan 22 – Deviate, Newcastle, UK
jan 23 – Detonate, Nottingham, UK
jan 25 – Disco3000, Manchester, UK
jan 27 – Ruffage @ The Wire, Leeds, UK
jan 30 – Numbers vs Fortified @ Stereo, Glasgow, UK
feb 8 – “Great Lengths” Album Launch Party #1 London
feb 11 – “Great Lengths” Album Launch Party #2 Berlin
feb 13 – Fabric, London, UK

Common Provenance


Bird by Leila (leilapeacock<at>

I made this little mix earlier, in a way it’s more of summertime mix really, it’s got people saying odd but true things like “brighter” repeatedly or “not everyone understands house”.

Noel Mas’ Headphone House Mix


Kitchen – Noze
Les Gans (Philip Sherburne Remix) – Guillaume and The Coutu Dumonts
Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – Ane Brun
Just Tell me When (Vocal Mix) – Manmade Science
Brighter- Phil Dan
A Soul Thing – Soul Minority
Muira (Maelstrom Remix) – Metro Area
Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) – Matias Aguayo
Happy House – Juan Maclean
Tiergarten (Supermayer Remix) – Rufus Wainright

Anyone who isn’t a fan already has to pay attention to track 2 by Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts. This guy is producing some of the most stunning house and techno tracks at the moment. He’s playing in Berlin and London at the end of the month. In Berlin he plays alongside Jesse Rose, Heinrk Schwarz & new Made To Play signings Zombie Disco Squad who also open Panorama Bar tonight.

CTM 09 vs RA (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts…) @ Maria am Ostbanhof, Berlin, 30/1/09

And for the Londoners…

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts @ Minimal Hostpial, Corsica Studios, 31/1/09

Warm & Easy


2009 begins. It’s snowing loads where I live and the dog poo has frozen on the street. Memories of a new year’s eve’s carnage that I never experienced is all around with upturned batteries of fireworks in every public square. Looks more like the remnants of a war-zone than a party, but there we go.

The new year’s eve I did experience was very nice indeed. So big thanks to MMM family, Mulletover, Tayo, the storage unit people, the staff from the Star of Bethnal Green and everyone who came down and made it horrible in the best way.

As it’s cold and people are probably broke and partied out I thought I’d lump together some of my favorite bedtime/breakfast tracks in an mp3 and share – hope you like…

The 2009 Bedtime Music Plodcast


Held the Hand –    Daniel Johnston
Where He At (Apparat Remix) – Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra
Don’t Give Up – The Whitest Boy Alive
What Will Death Be Like – Momus
Cherbourg – Beirut
The Halo of the Strange – Karate
Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (Live) – Nina Simone
Sugarman – Rodriguez
Running Up That Road – NOT Kate Bush
Give Me Back My Dreams (w/ Sally Timms) – The 6ths
I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen
You You You You You (w/ Katherine Whalen) – The 6ths