Birds by Leila (who now has a page with all her other lovely stuff on here)

I’ve always liked dubstep’s raw energy. I admire the modesty of its scene and also the willingness of many of its artist to adapt, take in other musical influences and innovate the genre so that it remains as captivating, alive and as fresh as ever. Having said that I’ve never been quite convinced that on it’s own it can quite supply sufficient variation to keep a crowd on it’s toes wanting more for a whole night. Perhaps that, and other drug related factors, is why the 4am crowd at FWD @ The End was always disappointingly sparse. Dubsteppers, for all their merits, have never been known for their staying power. Dubstep has rarely seemed able to usher in the morning in the same deviant but joyful fashion that quality techno and house sets can.

It seems, however, that one man in particular has ripped up the script on this front. Martyn, who hails from Holland, has been making inspring techno-infused dubstep for some time now. As a DJ he has been playing some the most electrifying cross genre mixes I’ve ever heard. Though a good crossover scene between techno and dubstep is now well established with labels like Skull Disco and Hessle Audio getting international recognition it seems, to me at least, that only Martyn has achieved a blend that really hold its own of the dancefloor. Martyn, as an artist who is only really on the periphery of the dubstep “scene”, seems able to disregard any fetishization of the “deep” that often mars dubstep sets and at all times keeps it funky, appealing to both and the head the hips. Soaring spine-tingling synths, infectious high-end rhythms, the occasional hypnotic acidized riff and some serious low-end bounce provide the core of the sound as Martyn effortlessly switches between four-to-the-flour fist shakers and steppy garage-stlye numbers.

He played for one and half hours at Sub:stance, Berghain last night and set the bar high for DJ sets in 2009 whilst re-affirming that dubstep is no fad. Cobblestone Jazz‘s modern classic “Dump Truck” got rubbed up against the ubiquitous, but still deeply likable “Township Funk“. His massive remix of TRG’s “Broken Heart” got an early outing in his set plus a whole host of other fantastic tracks from his forthcoming album entitled “Great Lengths”.

Martyn’s blog

Martyn’s Myspace

Martyn plays…

jan 22 – Deviate, Newcastle, UK
jan 23 – Detonate, Nottingham, UK
jan 25 – Disco3000, Manchester, UK
jan 27 – Ruffage @ The Wire, Leeds, UK
jan 30 – Numbers vs Fortified @ Stereo, Glasgow, UK
feb 8 – “Great Lengths” Album Launch Party #1 London
feb 11 – “Great Lengths” Album Launch Party #2 Berlin
feb 13 – Fabric, London, UK


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