Monthly Archives: June 2009

Nozey business


At a disco somewhere last weekend a dull Italian girl asked me why people were all jumping around doing some strange cross between a gyspy waltz and the fandango. We are in Berlin after all, aren’t people meant to be dancing nonchalantly on the same spot for thirty-six hours looking very concentrated and perhaps a bit unhappy?

As it happens the DJ was playing a record by Noze called “You Have To Dance” that got some pretty heavy rotation last year. Noze and their compatriots Dop both represents the best in a strain of house music that has been on the ascent in recent months. Call it what you will gyspy-house, booty-folk, bumbatron, bass-cake-magic-rave I don’t care it’s lovely and hopefully here to stay. It gives us dance addicts some relief from the sea of over-processed, over-compressed, all too perfect sounds of the machine that will probably one day turn my heart in to a shimmering piece of metal…

Remember Love – Noze
L’innconnu Du Placard – Noze
You Have To Dance – Noze
Little Bug – Noze
Mambo Jumbo – Dop
Romeo feat Noze – Dop

And if you like that stuff you’ll like this too…

Swing Bop – Der Dritte Raum