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Love&Mercy Presents The Digital Coconut

The warrior spirit of Love&Mercy was forged somwhere between Brigadoon, Ostkreuz and Essex. They exemplify the craft of musical wizadry as practiced by certain 13th Century Whirling Dervishes. Though the dates of such encounters remain sketchy they are said to have met the Creators of Music. They have written two books on Love and have often cited Mercy, particularly that found in the cultures of the ancient tribes of the Mesopotamian desert planes. as a strong influence on their work. Currently residing in Berlin they are the only humans to ever have played at Bar 23, 24 and 25. On one particularly raucous night they are rumored to have sent their audience in to transgressive fits of infinite giving. Supported primarily by provincial English radio disk jockey Derek Bones and one dead Austrian 80s pop star, their latest mix has been hyped as the closest thing to the word of God since the Authorized King James Version of the Bible.

On one of the early dirges on the The Digital Coconut it is possible to hear one of the members of seminal New York disco group Man Friday repeatedly lament “Didn’t I show you Love?” Scholars disagree on the precise meaning of these words, but most concur it probably has something to do with a chance encounter Love&Mercy had with the Carib islanders of Dominica. The islanders were apparently so impressed by Love&Mercy’s control of Rhythm and Music that they gave them a single digital coconut as a tribute to their skill. Echoes of their delight can be heard in a later track (also on the mix) by Bappi Lahiri that suggests, “Dance, Dance, Dance.”

So there is the story and here is the music, this is The Digital Coconut…



1. Love Honey, Love Heartache (Larry Levan Mix) – Man Friday
2. Orange Ground (Toot and Ks Ready Made Mash Up) – Metro Area vs Blaqstarr
3. Can’t Get Away From Your Love – Carol Williams
4. Rainforest – Paul Hardcastle
5. Infatuation – Up Front
6. Surprise Hotel (Micachu and The Shapes Remix) – Fool’s Gold
7. Body Language (Senor Coconut Remix) – MANDY vs Booka Shade
8. Alberto Pacheco – Cumbia Cianaguera
9. Genius Of Love – Tom Tom Club
10. Time Warp – Eddy Grant
11. Din Daa Daa – George Kranz
12. Lady Bug – Bumblebee Unlimited
13. Can U Dance? – Kenny “Jammin” Jason
14. I Wanna Be Your Lover (Exploration Edit) – La Bionda
15. Underground Limbo – Ronald Cristoph
16. Bucogeasca Dub feat Mahala Rai Band – Shantel
17. Dance Dance – Bappi Lahiri
18. This Beat Is Mine – Vicky D
19. Messages From The Stars – The Rah Band
20. Stand On The Word (Larry Levan Mix) – Celestial Choir