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The Piano Never Cries


Overnight – Gonzales
Metamorphosis: Part Two – Philip Glass
Chopin Nocturne in C Sharp Minor performed by Fou Ts’ong


Imagining Imagination


Imagination formed in 1981 and left us with a lot of lush disco-soul to enjoy on our hi-fis. Arguably the best thing to ever come out of Dalston they were well-known back in their zenith for their esoteric album sleeve notes and Top of the Pops appearances in ostentatious dress. Erol Kennedy the drummer from the band still resides in London and plays cover songs at weddings.

Changes (Larry Levan Mix) – Imagination
Flashback – Imagination
Just An Illusion – Imagination
In and Out of Love – Imagination

And a word from the boys themselves on the sleeve notes of a “Best Of…”

Cool and clear – gliding through Oceans of Mist – swooping down from heavens – speeding into barries of sound – smooth, silky, seductive – the meeting of the minds. We became one with our first album. We went through changes on our second. Together we find ourselves in a new dimension...

(Potential) Nightclubbing: Liverpool

Nina Fischer & Moroan el Sian Phantom Clubs, 1999

Nightclubbing: Berlin (Mitte)

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani Phantom Clubs, 1997

Turning Turk


One of the most striking features of the two neighbourhoods I have lived in the last two years is their large Turkish communities. In fact, I can proudly claim to have lived in the two areas that have the largest Turkish populations outside of Turkey. For those who don’t know that’s Kreuzberg, Berlin and Haringey, London. I’m unexceptional in that the most obvious way in which Turkey impinges on my urban existence is via its food. In this way I’ve been spoiled. Even though I haven’t experienced the true spectrum of authentic Turkish cuisine in my regular visits to budget Turkish eateries, I reckon I’ve got a pretty good idea when it comes to what’s good for your few Euros/Quid. I don’t usually like to give “city tips” on this blog, as the idea of writing something akin to a travel blog premised on a young Brit going to Berlin and having a good time is abhorrent to me, but I’ll briefly transgress my own standards of dignity anyway.

The best Döner in the world ever can be eaten at Hisar, Yorckstraße, Berlin.
The best Sish in the world can be eaten  at Antepliler, Harringay, London.

Back to the music… I’m usually too busy deafening myself with a regular kick drum to pay much attention to any enticing sounds that might be floating out of neighboring flats or houses, so the musical dimension to Turkish culture has tended to pass me by.  However a good friend of mine turned me on to a gloriously fresh mix the other day of psychedelic Turkish funk, which I’m hoping is going to be the starting point for some new exciting music hunting. Obviously it’s not fresh fresh as the tracks I believe have been kicking round for a good thirty or forty years, but it’s fresh in the sense that it’s very good or fly or of a high quality or something like that. Mixcloud is on the goods again for this one…

Psych Turkish Funk Pt. 1 by Karriem Diggins



I once saw a rather tired looking man in HMV with about twenty “chill out” compilations under his arm. I think they were mostly from Ministry of Sound and had dramatic sunsets in soft tones on the front. If he’d happened to ask me for one though, this is what I would have prescribed him…


1. Winning A Battle, Losing The War – Minizza
2. Ready (Herbert’s Steady Dub) – Charles Webster
3. Tomorrow – Superpitcher
4. Carry On – Woolfy vs Projections
5. This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit) – James Yuill
6. What Did He Say – Nite Jewel
7. Out West – Eliot Lipp
8. Strings Of Life – Francesco Tristano
9. Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist – Markus Guentner

Thanks to Frankfurt Kunsang and Major Lucy for some tune donation.

Best Of The Cloud


Mixcloud has been here for the chosen few for a while but it’s recently opened its gates to all. It’s a site run by Nico Perez and fellow Man Making Music Nikhil Shah. It’s a mix hosting site, with a simple interface that has in recent months managed to attract an unrivaled quality of DJ mixes.

Highly recommended for those who want to push a little selection they’ve put together as well as those who just want to keep abreast of what others are playing. I’ve picked out a few Mixcloud highlights that should serve as a good starting point for anyone who likes the stuff on this blog…

Ben UFO Mix for Ruffage

Great example of that energetic, plosive blend of garage and dubstep that Ben has become known for.

Fresh Meat’s Super Mega Blast Mix

Techno and house to warm the soul from Berlin’s Mitte Institute.

Erol Alkan Disco 3000 Part 2

The first part of this mix series was posted on this blog a while back. Amazing selection of hard-to-find disco cuts.

Allez-Allez Sounds Amazing Mix

Short mix of a variety of ethereal tones from the boys who never seem to put a foot wrong.

Rub44 by The Rub

44 records in 70 minutes.


photo by Lizzy of a rainy night in Berlin