Best Of The Cloud


Mixcloud has been here for the chosen few for a while but it’s recently opened its gates to all. It’s a site run by Nico Perez and fellow Man Making Music Nikhil Shah. It’s a mix hosting site, with a simple interface that has in recent months managed to attract an unrivaled quality of DJ mixes.

Highly recommended for those who want to push a little selection they’ve put together as well as those who just want to keep abreast of what others are playing. I’ve picked out a few Mixcloud highlights that should serve as a good starting point for anyone who likes the stuff on this blog…

Ben UFO Mix for Ruffage

Great example of that energetic, plosive blend of garage and dubstep that Ben has become known for.

Fresh Meat’s Super Mega Blast Mix

Techno and house to warm the soul from Berlin’s Mitte Institute.

Erol Alkan Disco 3000 Part 2

The first part of this mix series was posted on this blog a while back. Amazing selection of hard-to-find disco cuts.

Allez-Allez Sounds Amazing Mix

Short mix of a variety of ethereal tones from the boys who never seem to put a foot wrong.

Rub44 by The Rub

44 records in 70 minutes.


photo by Lizzy of a rainy night in Berlin


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