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World Music

World music used to be a dirty term used to describe music preferred by white people with dreadlocks and Giles Peterson. Now it’s cool because Diplo uses the term to refer to his own music and also because Panorama Bar occasionally descends in to an African drumming session minus the white dreads. I like it because I’m a musical dilettante and tend to enjoy other fads like disco and minimal techno. You should like it too, but for better reasons like this track that I heard very late at night on the Charlie Gillett’s BBC World Service show. “Pundela”, according to my research, is a Rajasthani song of longing for one’s beloved.

Pundela – Titi Robin & Gulabi Sapera


He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

Pretty un-pc but imbued with an incredible vitality that “Hit Me Baby (One More Time)” by Britney Spears never quite delivered on. I first heard this track as a cover by Grizzly Bear during an encore at their most recent Berlin gig. They did a brilliant job of making it their own but something about the forcefulness and clarity of the lyrics was uncharacteristic of a band that otherwise favors dreamy suggestion or the non-linguistic new folk equivalent of doo-wapping (as also practiced by the Dirty Projectors).

Here is the original…

And a recorded (as in not live) version of the Grizzly cover…


Weekend Gloaming

We’ve had the obvious sad piano riffs so now to a lesser known pair. Introduced to me by a mulled wine (Glühwein) merchant  earlier this evening.

Yellow Is The Colour – Wegge Besseltoft
South – Wegge Besseltoft

Photo by Adam

Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You

New folk, old folk and brutality.

Please check the stunning video by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama for Department of Eagles’ track “No One Does It Like You”. The music and visuals come together to form an odd concoction of nationalistic imagery, violence, heavy reverb and melodic folk pop  – somehow it works, beautifully so…

Nice live rendition from Daniel Rossen and the boys with a different feel for Pitchfork TV…

World Music

Je Poinse A Toi – Amadou et Mariam (right click to download)

Appears on the excellent Fever Ray Resident Adviser podcast, and in that RA vein all should check out the new Dor one too.

Fresh Eyes

(Assorted works of Athanasius Kircher 1602-80)

Ma Dove, Oh Lasso Me – Monteverdi Madrigals Book 3 (Delitiae Musicae & Marco Longhini)

Missa Papae Marcelli: I. Kyrie – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (Jeremy Summerly, Oxford Camerata & Scholar Cantorum of Oxford)

Das Modell/The Model

A friend once told me that Kraftwerk were so anal about their recording conditions that the phone in their studio had no ring. If you wanted to call them you had to arrange a very precise time and they would agree to pick up the receiver when that time struck. Hopefully when they picked up you would be on the other side of the line. Why they didn’t just call you when they had time is not clear, but one can only assume that they had considered such an option and concluded that it was unsatisfactory.

Overproof Soundsystem supplied a superb dubby remix to Das Modell that came out on 12″ a couple of years back. Thankfully they gave the lyrics a little bit of an overhaul as the original ones have the charm of a pair of nine years olds dutty whining in the drum n bass tent.

The Model – Overproof Soundsystem