Das Modell/The Model

A friend once told me that Kraftwerk were so anal about their recording conditions that the phone in their studio had no ring. If you wanted to call them you had to arrange a very precise time and they would agree to pick up the receiver when that time struck. Hopefully when they picked up you would be on the other side of the line. Why they didn’t just call you when they had time is not clear, but one can only assume that they had considered such an option and concluded that it was unsatisfactory.

Overproof Soundsystem supplied a superb dubby remix to Das Modell that came out on 12″ a couple of years back. Thankfully they gave the lyrics a little bit of an overhaul as the original ones have the charm of a pair of nine years olds dutty whining in the drum n bass tent.

The Model – Overproof Soundsystem


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