World Music

World music used to be a dirty term used to describe music preferred by white people with dreadlocks and Giles Peterson. Now it’s cool because Diplo uses the term to refer to his own music and also because Panorama Bar occasionally descends in to an African drumming session minus the white dreads. I like it because I’m a musical dilettante and tend to enjoy other fads like disco and minimal techno. You should like it too, but for better reasons like this track that I heard very late at night on the Charlie Gillett’s BBC World Service show. “Pundela”, according to my research, is a Rajasthani song of longing for one’s beloved.

Pundela – Titi Robin & Gulabi Sapera


2 responses to “World Music

  1. You should listen to some trilok gurtu if your enjoying this, esp this album:

  2. Haha, very true, everybody hated the word. Nice track, thanks for sharing!

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