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Anything But A Wanderer

Sometimes you hear songs that just make you indescribably happy. I had just such an experience on the weekend, when having taken refuge from a beautifully sunny but bitterly cold Berlin afternoon, I heard Shed‘s “Estrangé” for the first time. I’ve been spoilt for stand-out musical good feel recently, another highlight being my first time with Jon Delerious‘ “Posey Down” (first heard on Morissless’ “Forever” mix). Long live the euphoric melancholic!


Estrangé – Shed

Posey Down – Jon Delerious


Music Machine Videos

Herbie talks gold…

Less inspired but kind of funny…


I hate snakes, but I love Tensnake (above). Resident Advisor have  (yet again!) inspired one of the finest mixes I’ve heard. Walking the well-trod path between disco and house  Tensnake manages to make this immense hour and eighteen minutes entirely his own. It also features one of his forthcoming releases on Permanent Vacation, called Coma Cat, which is so good I’m not going to upload it; you need to buy it. It’s a deep disco-house track reminiscent of of the Fantastic Aleems whilst retaining a contemporary big room edge and has a huge tropical breakdown that will have the dance going bonkers. Check the Soundcloud snippet below and the downloadable B-side of the main release.


Coma Cat Soundcloud snippet

Tensnake Myspace


RA. 187 Tensnake

I Need your Loving (Vocal Version) – Tensnake