Monthly Archives: February 2010

Dirty Three

Three tracks from the 1998 album by the Dirty Three. Evocative, boozy folk music made for the ocean.


The Restless Waves – The Dirty Three

Last Horse on the Sand – The Dirty Three

End of the Earth – The Dirty Three


Pon der Ecke

I was in a pub last night where the two animated bar attendants were playing tracks to their customers straight off of Youtube. Over the din of the lo-fi pop that was pouring out of the speakers requests were being made. The spelling of band names and songs was clarified by notes on tissue paper passed over the bar, “Er heißt Frankie K-nuckles”. One of the many covers of “Teardrops” by Womack & Womack got dropped a couple of times, and it reminded me of what a great song the original was. It’s probably common knowledge, but the XX covered it recently, and much to my dismay, it’s great. Both the original and the XX cover can be found below:

Schöne Frau mit Geld

Here’s a lo-fi electro-dream-pop remix of a track originally wrtitten by a Berlin band from the early 80s called “Ideal”. Any more info on this track and where I could buy it from would be much appreciated.

To Jamie with Love (new Love&Mercy mix)

Deeply affected by the recent kidnapping of one of their members by the tribes of the Kaerlud area, Love&Mercy have put together a mix in the hope that it might motivate his captors to free him. Some say the ploy is related to Love&Mercy’s recent adoption of the Beyond the Guilty Pleasure theory. Owing to the absence of the said core member, “To Jamie with Love” is a somewhat different affair than the Digital Coconut, and has been branded by Tom Paulin as a “novel meditation on the Roland 808 and its affects on the post-scarcity psyche”. S. L. Funky, responsible for much of the post-production work, stated that the mix was very much a move away from the beach and back towards the primordial forest. The mix is dedicated to a minor God of the early house music business, Jamie Principle.


To Jamie with Love –  mixed by Love&Mercy


1. I’m Going to Go – Jago
2. Heart & Soul – Imagination
3. I Need Your Loving – Tensnake
4. Galaxy – Visions of Tomorrow
5. Love Light – Soul Clap
6. Farley Knows House – Farley Jackmaster Funk
7. It’s You – E.S.P
8. Jack Your Body – Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley
9. Release Yourself – The Fantastic Aleems
10. Reckless With (Your Love) – Azari & III
11. Coma Cat – Tensnake
12. Brooklyn Club Jam (L.S.B. Barqueira Jam Mix) – Runaway
13. Dance with Me – Soundstream
14. Jump (Garage Version) – Man Friday