To Jamie with Love (new Love&Mercy mix)

Deeply affected by the recent kidnapping of one of their members by the tribes of the Kaerlud area, Love&Mercy have put together a mix in the hope that it might motivate his captors to free him. Some say the ploy is related to Love&Mercy’s recent adoption of the Beyond the Guilty Pleasure theory. Owing to the absence of the said core member, “To Jamie with Love” is a somewhat different affair than the Digital Coconut, and has been branded by Tom Paulin as a “novel meditation on the Roland 808 and its affects on the post-scarcity psyche”. S. L. Funky, responsible for much of the post-production work, stated that the mix was very much a move away from the beach and back towards the primordial forest. The mix is dedicated to a minor God of the early house music business, Jamie Principle.


To Jamie with Love –  mixed by Love&Mercy


1. I’m Going to Go – Jago
2. Heart & Soul – Imagination
3. I Need Your Loving – Tensnake
4. Galaxy – Visions of Tomorrow
5. Love Light – Soul Clap
6. Farley Knows House – Farley Jackmaster Funk
7. It’s You – E.S.P
8. Jack Your Body – Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley
9. Release Yourself – The Fantastic Aleems
10. Reckless With (Your Love) – Azari & III
11. Coma Cat – Tensnake
12. Brooklyn Club Jam (L.S.B. Barqueira Jam Mix) – Runaway
13. Dance with Me – Soundstream
14. Jump (Garage Version) – Man Friday


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