Monthly Archives: March 2010

Upneet Bains

Spring is almost upon us. The stubborn ice has finally begun to thaw, and layers upon layers of snow are finally collapsing in to large piles of dog shit brushed in to mounds on the cycle paths. Still you have to love it. The temperature is a tropical 5°, and that ineffable sense of seasonal change is in the air. We’re bound to have a few wobbles and dips until we’re safe from having to put on our winter coats, which by now are well in need of a wash, but I can’t help but think that the worst of this rather long and bitter winter is over.

Below you’ll find a selection of photos taken by a friend of mine, Upneet Bains, in the Berlin summer. The striking thing about these photos is the way they capture the emotional tug that the seasons can so often wield, be it the deep sense of relief and optimism felt at the start of March, or the dreamy feeling of contentment as one washed out midsummer day slips mindlessly in to another. How Neetu managed to make haggard old Görli park look like the lushest of English cricket grounds I’ll never know, but hats off…